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  A mom and her two teenage girls make a scary discovery of a girl alien in their barn. They must make a life changing decision on whether or not to welcome this child alien into their home.


My name is Shelia Hopkins and I've got a sitcom idea for TV called "Welcome" I would like to send your way.

"Welcome is like the movie "ET." This series is about a family that gives up city life for a peaceful life on a farm in Nebraska. In the pilot, Hope, 16, and Julie, 14, find an alien girl in their barn. Not sure what it is Julie takes a picture on her cell phone while Hope makes animal sounds at it. Julie sends the picture to her mom. The mom runs out to the barn and cuts her hand. The alien with her long finger reaches out and heals her cut. Will they welcome this child alien into their home?

I believe the gripping storylines, high stakes, and character transformations will appeal to a very wide audience. Please let me know if you would like to see the pilot script. Thank you for your consideration.

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Shelia Hopkins

By: Shelia Hopkins
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